Hand made in Marrakech for you

Moroccan Metal Accessories

Moroccan white metal, known locally as My-shore, is highly prized for making lamps; decorative furniture and accessories. It does not rust or easily tarnish, and can be cleaned when necessary with a silver cloth or silver cleaning fluid.

Our range of items are made exclusively for Atelier M and are made of “solid” mayshore, rather than a plated base metal. You can be assured that your items will always look as lovely as the day that you purchased them!

We also offer a range of decorative objects in brass for those that prefer it. All items shown in white metal, can be commissioned in brass on request.  

Pair of Aluminium Wall lights
Myshore Wall light
Myshore Pair of Wall lights
Myshore Incense Tray
Myshore Set of Cotton Wool & Bud Boxes
Myshore Set of Christmas Decorations
Myshore Set of Two Lighter Covers
Myshore Cigarette Box & Lighter
Myshore Set of Napkin Holders
From $50.00 - $60.00
Myshore Set of Six Mint Tea Cups
Brass Key Tassel
Brass Key Tassel
Myshore Key Tassel
Myshore Antique Candle Bowls
From $45.00 - $65.00
Myshore Decorative Shoulder Bag
Myshore Set of Decorative Boxes
Myshore Bottle Holders
From $18.00 - $43.00
Myshore Condiment Tray Set
Myshore Rose Bowl / Planter
From $55.00 - $95.00
Myshore T-Light Holders
From $70.00 - $120.00
Moroccan Tea Set (Small)
Moroccan Tea Set (Large)
Set of Two Vintage Floral Aluminium Moroccan Tea Trays
Set of Two Vintage Geometric Aluminium Moroccan Tea Trays