Hand made in Marrakech for you


Moroccan jewellery worn by a Berber woman is, first and foremost, a means of demonstrating her personal wealth. Necklaces are generally used in women’s dowries; where the quantity and quality of jewellery included shows the bride’s personal and family status. Silver is preferred to gold, and can be found in the forms of necklaces; diadems (head dresses); earrings; fibulas (used in pairs to attach a length of fabric to the dress); and amulets. Necklaces are made with amber, coral, amazonite and old silver coins.

Our jewellery is handmade using sterling silver and Semi precious stones, along with silk (sabre) cord. Most of our pieces are “one off” unique designs, and some are vintage finds.

We advise customers to avoid exposing their jewellery to chemicals such as soaps, perfumes, hairsprays, deodorants and cosmetics, which can cause silver to tarnish. We also recommend you remove jewellery before taking a bath or shower. The cholrinated water in swimming pools and spas can react with the metals in jewellery causing discolouration and structural damage so please remove your items beforehand.

To clean your silver and gold jewellery we advise you use jewellery polishing cloths specifically designed for this purpose.